Instrumental Lessons

It is possible at Tenby Schools Penang to receive lessons on a specific musical instrument from a professional musician. Thanks to Tenby Schools subsidising the programme, lessons are offered at the incredibly low rate of only RM30 for shared lessons and RM45 for individual lessons (as of September 2014), and offered during school time. Lessons have been fully approved by the Tenby Schools Group and have run successfully for the last three years with minimal disruption to class lessons.

Piano and Keyboard
with Mr Michael

Mr Michael is a well known pianist in Malaysia who has been teaching piano, organ, keyboard, and music theory, since 1978.  He is an experienced teacher who has worked at a number of music establishments, across Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Having now settled back in Penang, he can be found most weekends performing at various venues in KL and Penang including China House and Chulia Court.

Drum Kit and Percussion
with Mr Siva

Mr Siva holds a Bachelor’s degree In Performance and Pedagogy from Science University of Malaysia (USM). Since his graduation and return from teaching in Singapore, he is no stranger in the music scene performing both local and international events. He is also experienced in teaching students of all level and age, using his performing experience to further enrich students with a more holistic approach.

Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar with Mr Chiat

Mr Chiat first picked up the guitar at the age of 16 after he heard progressive rock band Dream Theater and guitar virtuoso Joe Satriani for the first time. After the completion of his studies in Kuala Lumpur at the age of 20, he returned to Penang and co-founded the instrumental rock band Ocean of Fire. Having played the guitar for 14 years, he currently plays guitar and bass in Ocean of Fire and has performed in numerous venues all across Malaysia.

Violin and Viola
with Mr Isaac

Mr Isaac started to playthe violin at the age of 14 and completed his Grade 8 examination just four years later. He is currently attached to the orchestra Musica Sinfonietta and also performs regularly as violinist and violist in a string quartet. Mr Isaac has over 14 years of teaching experience and educates up and coming string players in a number of schools in Penang.

How to apply for Instrumental Lessons

To apply for lessons on any of the above instruments, you can either pick up an application form from Mr Nick, or print out the application form below, fill it in, and return it to Mr Nick. You will then receive a phone call from the instrumental teacher to confirm the day and time of your first lesson. If you currently receive lessons and want to continue from last term, please inform Mr Nick in person or by email. There is no need to fill in another application form.

Instrumental Timetable UPDATES

Find out the day and time of your next lesson by clicking on the relevant timetable below.

Keep a regular check on these timetables as they may change from time to time.

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Guitar Timetable 16-17 Term 2.pdf Guitar Timetable 16-17 Term 2.pdf
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Music CCA

Throughout the school week, Tenby's music department offers a wide range of music CCA activities for ALL secondary studentsto take part. Check out the activities below and make sure you sign up at the beginning of term!


Pop Band with Mr Michael

Choose your instrument and get involved in practicing and rehearsing with a real live band! This CCA is led by the highly experienced Mr Michael, and is open to all students from National and InternationalSecondary School.

CCA is charged at RM150 per term



Pop Guitar Ensemble
with Mr Chiat

Ever wanted to be the next Ed Sheeran? Learn how to play guitar in a group, playing the pop songs of today that you always wanted to! This CCA is open to all National and International Secondary, and Sixth Form students.

CCA is charged at RM150 per term



Acoustic Guitar Ensemble with Ms Jaime

This fantastic guitar ensemble focuses on acoustic guitars playing arrangements of many well-known pop and rock songs with a classical edge! The CCA is led by the amazing Ms Jaime, and open to all National and International Secondary and Sixth Formstudents.

CCA is charged at RM150 per term





String Ensemble with Mr Isaac

Experience playing classical favourites on a string instrument in this ensemble. Whether you already play the violin, viola or cello or not, why not give it a go!? Sign up to this excellent ensemble with Mr Isaac. Available to all Secondary and Sixth Form students.

CCA charged at RM150 per term

Rock Band with Mr Nick

Do you play an instrument? If so, get involved and join a band! Weekly rehearsals will lead to concert opportunities!

CCA is free of charge

 Percussion Ensemble with Mr Siva

Discover exciting rhythms and grooves from around the world by taking part in this loud and energetic percussion ensemble! This CCA is open to all National and International Secondary and Sixth Formstudents. 

CCA charged at RM150 per term